The Road-map to be successful in online business

This is true that many people start online business. But after a certain time, most of them thrown out from the track. Because most of the online business entrepreneurs do some common mistakes and or not follow some must-do initiatives to be successful. Moreover, it’s not easy to establish the online business as heard. Sounds worst? This is true my friend. It’s a business and all of the business have some rules to be stand on and achieve success.

Believe me, I have passed a long time to learn about online business. I have studied much more and still I regularly study about this business. I may have to do study endlessly in my life. I have been learned from successful entrepreneurs who are already established in online business. Furthermore, I do apply and test each and every methods by myself either the methods really works or not.

Moreover, there are some other parameters are related to be successful in a business. I am going to outline some of the important issues that helps me enough to stand on my track.

Learn before earn:

Everyone expects to earn. Everyone needs money for living and there is no doubt about this. There are several ways to earn money in the world. People take the opportunity to earn money as per their ability and chances. We are doing online business, of course to earn money. But remember first you have to know about this business. You have to have clear conception about each and every part of this business and parameters.

I have seen one of my friends, did job as an employee on his father’s shop to learn about business. It was a story long time before when I was young enough to think about life seriously. That hits my heart, I thought that what type of father my friend had! Now, today, I think that was the best way to make my friend to be skilled enough to operate the business. Now my friend is well established on his business and he is getting success every day. I have been taught from that story. So, really it is better to learn before think about earn.

Keep promise:

Keeping promise is the asset of online business, I think of all kind of business. If you promise to your customer, must keep it. It’s make your business brand and you will get more chances and opportunities if you can keep your promise.

Give more that they expect:

You have purchased a product from market and get some extra products or services from seller, will you not be happy? Yes, of course, we all will be happy. So, it is the best practice to give your customer as much as you can, give them some extra service that they doesn’t expect. They will be happy.

Make clear business outline:

I know my ability and I have set-up my business outline as per my ability. I offer the service which I can really able to provide. I offer my clear time-table of my work so that my customer can be recognized about my time schedule. My business have some policy like I take 50% of the project after confirm it and before start, I do not work on Friday as this is my holiday etc. So, before you start, make your business outline clearly.

Arrange all business tools on your hand:

Any business needs some tools to be operate. For example, if you are doing online business, you must have to have a laptop, a modem for internet connection, some relevant software, a digital camera to take snap of your products, a cell phone to communicate with your customers etc. Always keep your tools ready on your hand to serve your customer instantly.

Invest time and money:

Nothing can be get free. In the real world, every give and take is by means of return. You can not expect to start online business for free. You must have to invest some money as well as your time to run your online business. Think about it.

Start sole:

I have a bitter experience with partnership business. I had lost some money, my valuable time and moreover my goodwill doing business with partnership. I am not blaming to partnership business, frankly speaking, just make you aware that it is better to start business sole partnership.

So, before you start your online business, just think about the above points. There are thousands of issues to be considered to run a successful business, I just outlined some of them. Think about it yourself.


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