Strategic Leadership for corporate culture

There are many strategies need to be built for a successful business, such and product and price strategy, management strategy, marketing and sales strategy, leadership strategy and so on. We are going to discuss about the Strategic Leadership in this post that will help those who are already in leading position or going to sit that position in desire. A good leader is the key person for any organization or company to make it profitable and stable.

Leadership is a quality of a person. In short definition, Leadership is an influence of a personal power, not positional power, that creates progressively advancing community and culture towards the common positive purpose.

Strategic Leadership contains some major points and rules that can create someone as a good world class leader who can handle any kind of situation over any environment. A good leader has to have those qualifications and needs to apply those to his environment to control the situation and create a positive impact. Let’s discuss more..

  1. Leadership is a personal power: Yes, leadership is a personal power, not positional power. Someone gets the leading position by means of any kind, but without having personal power, that leader will not be able to continue for a long run and cannot be successful to achieve to ultimate goal from his position. A good leader must have some personal power, i.e. communication skill, ability to under the situation, personality, power to let people work for the organization and influence them to do that happily.
  2. Influence power: A good leader has very good influence power that an ordinary positional person don’t have. Influence power is so powerful that a good leader let people do their work and fulfill their responsibilities without getting any doubt that they are loosing something. A good leader can influence people to work much more and able to build a good relationship with them for a life time period. Where as a positional powered leader may force people to do the same work, but in that case people will not happy to do that properly.
  3. Progressively Advancing: It’s all about one of greatest qualification of a leader that makes a perfect process, not activity. Activity is something just doing as per instruction. People come on their feet and work with hands. But in the sense of good process, people come and work with their head and heart. A good leader can build a good process that creates a progressively advancing community with more productivity and smile environment. In progressively advancing process, increase the productivity, overall growing, expanding the business and improving the quality of work.
  4. Building Community: Leader is all about creating a good community. A leader is not only to operate his organization and his under people, a leader is not only create value for his company or organization, a good leader can create or building a community. Community in the sense of including all the persons those are directly and indirectly included and related with his organization and company. A good leader creates progressively advancing community where everyone responsible for their own work and work for others like a family. In advancing community under a good leader, people don’t think about their own profit or loss, they don’t only think about themselves. In this open air environment, everyone helps each other and thus overall quality of works and productivity goes higher day by day.
  5. Create a Common Purpose: Creating a Common Purpose is another powerful power of a good leader. It’s one of the most important factor for strategic leadership to create a common purpose. Without purpose, nobody can do anything perfectly. The good leader observe his community, measure his target and purpose, tag his own purpose with the desire of the community people and in this way he creates a common purpose for them so that everyone goes to the same direction for a lifetime.

Above are the most common qualification and process of strategic leadership. Strategic Leadership is very important for any kind of organization, company, religious organization, charity organization, political parties or even the family. This strategic leadership process can creates a good community to achieve the ultimate goal of the organization.

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