Set up your Personalized Home Office – Virtual Office as well

Set up your Virtual Office:

Long time before I have started trading business with my friend. I had taken rented office is a renowned area of the city. It was located in a well communication place so that people could be reached to my office easily. There are two rooms for the official operation, one is for our sitting place, one is for sample rand meeting room. I had decorated the office with furniture and fixture. There were chairs, tables, sample rack, computer, printer and scanner, a small kitchen room with some kitchen appliances for our lunch and coffee. Moreover, every month I had to spend a handsome amount of money to maintain the office.

Furthermore, my office place was too far from my house. So, everyday I had to travel couple of hours to go to my office and same to come back to home. I did not go to office at holiday. So, at that time I didn’t work for my business. Sometime I went to my village or any other place in vacation, at that time also I didn’t work as I could not stay at office. I did spend a big amount of money for the rent of office space, utility bill as well as I had to spend money for transportation to go to office.

What was that days? Today, I don’t have that office. In any reason, I had to close that office and I don’t want to share the reason as that was very bitter experience.

Day-by-day, I have set up my personalized home office. It’s one kind of virtual office at all. I am now sharing that advantages of my virtual personalized office.

My Virtual Office Platform:

This is my virtual office at all. A simple laptop. I am operating my hole online business through this laptop. It’s my office platform where I am storing all of my business resources.
All of my business resources and information are stored on my laptop. And for this, I have to pay nothing as rent. At all, this is my office space, virtual office in a word.
So, I am saving rent money but owning my office space virtually. As now-a-days, all of the businesses are operating through internet and computer. I am just taking the blessings of modern internet technology and using to simplify my business life.

Internet Modem:

I am using two modems to stay connected with internet. Though all of my business are operating through internet, so, I need modem to access internet. In generally, I use Banglalion Modem in Dhaka city and when I go outside of Dhaka, in a remote area, I use GP Modem to stay connected with internet. Both are supporting my business to operate with the hole world.

My Cell Phone & Communicator:

I am using a cell phone to communicate with the whole world. It’s not only a cell phone, it’s a communicator also.

It helps me to communicate with my clients as well as with my family 24/7 and it can be used globally.

Communication is the most important factor to run and operate a business. So, it’s help me to stay connected with my business and my family.

No Utility Bills:

Now I am not paying anything for utility bill like electricity, gas, water bill as I have no physical office. This issue saves my money. No hassle.

No Employees:

I don’t need to hire employees as my business runs through laptop and internet. And I am alone enough to maintain my hole business whenever I want. I don’t need to hire office peon to make coffee or no need other employees to maintain official works.

Office Weight:

My office weight is just 2 Kgs, my laptop, cell phones and modems. Cool .. Ha ha ha !!!

No Transportation:

I don’t need to spend transportation money to go to office. Because, the office is in my bag.
Save time:

When I had my physical office, I had to spend about 4 hours to go to and come from office. Now I am saving this time and spending to improve my business.

No Legal Registration hassle, no Tax formality:

I am running my business through computer and internet. I don’t need to have a physical office. So, I don’t need to have any registration legal papers. Moreover, I don’t need to pay any Tax for my office. Yes, of course, if I qualify to income tax, I must have to pay that.

Get global payment instantly with my Debit Master Card:

I am using globally acceptable Debit Master Card to receive my online payment. That helps me to simplify my business for transaction of money as well as get profit in hand.
Moreover I have a merchant account to accept global payment transaction for my online business.

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It’s auto-run system and mobile:

My business is auto-run system. Even when I take rest, my business runs by itself. I can carry my business wherever I go. It’s mobile. So, wherever I go, I can stay in touch with my business.
This is my online business.

And what about you? When are you going to start your virtual business?
Would you like to have your office on your laptop and cell phone? Share your opinion on comments.

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