Sales Training – New Series – Session-01

Sales Training

Professional selling is an art. You can find the definition of sale from any sources and there are thousands of definitions are there near you. But if you want to become a master of sale, you have to adopt some extra quality in yourself and I notice it Personal Development.

Before you go to sale, you have to prepare yourself perfectly to provide presentation to your customers. Without having pre-preparation of sale, you cannot even sell anything no matter how many customers do you face.

Detailed knowledge about your product:

You must have to get all the detailed information about your products i.e. product specification, product benefits, price and longevity. Without having proper knowledge about your products, you cannot influence your customer. So, grab as much as information you can and keep it all those in your mind.


Make a perfect presentation for your customers along with all above information, product pictures and visibility. A good presentation can get you ahead to sell anything.

Value Proposition:

It’s sound simple, but it is very important and explain why customers should choose your services or products over a competitor. So, if you want your customer to purchase from you, you should care about this.

COCA (Cost of Customer Acquisition):

This is another very important parameter to calculate COCA (Cost of Customer Acquisition) and your upfront profit will depend on it. Measuring COCA, you can control your purchase and selling price ration to make a good profit, otherwise you will be effected dry profit and suck.

Art of public speaking:

Prepare yourself with public speaking. To do so, you have to be careful about your language, pronunciation, body language and knowledge.

…… to be continued 

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