The first Trillion Dollar Company on this planet – Apple Cloud


Apple Cloud becomes the first trillion dollar company just days before, as per news on Shares of Apple goes higher on better than expectation on fourth quarter results. Moreover the flagship iPhone X plays vital role to increase the possibility. Apple sold 46.7 million iPhones as it was expected to sell 46 million. Mac […]

Strategic Leadership for corporate culture

Business Inspiration

There are many strategies need to be built for a successful business, such and product and price strategy, management strategy, marketing and sales strategy, leadership strategy and so on. We are going to discuss about the Strategic Leadership in this post that will help those who are already in leading position or going to sit […]

How to create monopoly business strategy – Entry Barrier – Part-1


Business strategy is such a great and useful process that without proper strategy nobody can develop any business. You have to build several business strategy in every steps of your business. Entry Barrier is one of the most important and viral point for any business to make it free from killing competition in the market. […]

How to Extract all email addresses from Gmail using Google Add-ons (Email Extractor)

General Tech

Email list collection is very much important for any kind of business for email marketing to spread business and campaign. Collecting email address is very difficult. But today I’m going to share an easiest way to collect email addresses from your gmail account. You have thousands of emails in you Gmail account and you need […]

5 Types of Leadership Qualification

Business Inspiration

Leadership Qualification if very much important for any kind of company, organization, institute or any kind of business. A perfect leader can achieve the target goal of the business with his leadership qualification and personal power, not positional power. The ultimate growth of the company is depending on the qualification of the leader who is […]