Leadership Training – New Year Resolution 2020

Happy New Year 2020!

Albert Einstein reportedly said that insanity was to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.  As 2019 is quickly coming to a close, how did you like 2019’s results?  If 2019 was successful, will the same approach work in 2020 to achieve even better results?

Every leader must examine their year by asking themselves 3 questions:

How Am I Doing as a Leader?

How is My Team Doing?

How is My Company Doing?

First, how am I doing as a leader?  Leadership is a skill that must be learned and honed.  It is a constant deep dive into self-awareness and social awareness.  A great leader understands how they are seen and received by other. A great leader also understands and cares about those they lead.  How have you done as a leader this year?  Do you need to take steps to go deeper, be better?

Second, how is my team doing?  Being a healthy, aligned, and cohesive team takes time, energy, and consistency.  A healthy team is one that team truly trusts each other.  They have healthy conflict that leads to key break through and greater innovation.  They hold each other accountable for our individual and collective results.  A healthy team cares about each other and the company.  How has your team done this year?

Lastly, how is my company doing?  Often times we get so stuck in the weeds of executing our business that we forget to take a step back and work on the business.  Working on the business means establishing a well-defined vision with measurable goals and objectives.  Everyone on the team knows where the company is going and how they are going to get there.  A company with traction has the right people in the right seats.  It’s a company that has productive meetings that lead to impressive results.

Let’s work together and few things we need to change to make 2020 the best year ever.

Focus on your goals.

Setting goal for our personal life as well as for the task or job we are doing is most important factor to be a successful person – so give some time to yourself and set your personal goal and goal for your business you are doing here.

Take action on your goals.

It’s time to start taking action on the ideas you have and the things you want to do. We talk alot about the things we want to do but never do them. 2020 we will start doing some of these things. We will take our ideas from our cloud bubble over our head and realize them, manifest them, make them happen. Fear is big ugly imaginary thing that stops most of us from achieving our goals. Flick fear. Smash goals.

Have faith.

No matter how much faith we have, there is still a fraction of doubt. It’s time to kick that doubt to the curb, dig deep and ignite our faith. We can do anything!!!

Grudge off.

It means let go of people who hurt you. Stop complaining about them and talking crap about them. Grudges don’t serve any purpose at all other than to leave poison in our soul and hearts. We need to make room for love, happiness, kindness and peace and there will be no room for that if you’re still grudging about someone. Time to grudge off.

Finally, please do not think that I am a writer (!!) – I took help from few books to prepare this just to share my feelings with you about the company, the job and the business which would help us to make DEKKO ISHO a great place to work, we all are very important part of these activities, we can make the change and difference.

Let’s stand together, think together and work together.

In 2020 we will focus on following points where we need your very active participation.

  1. RFT (Right First Time) : Whatever we are doing that must need to be right and perfect at very first time – it can be for samples, fabric quality, trims quality.
  2. Wastage Control : I can tell you thousands of proverb in this regard and even in our religion it has been strongly recommended not to waste a single drop of water. But very unfortunately I can see we all are wasting many things by knowingly or without knowingly. We need to stop this. This is applicable for all materials to working hour, from paper to pencil – please keep this in mind that “Every penny helps”.
  3. Supply Chain Efficiency : Our supply chain efficiency is remarkably good, but still we can improve a lot. This goes to all the section starting from sample room to shipping department. Business is becoming more challenging every day and speed is the most important issue – so we must not waste any single second in our activities.
  4. No Short Shipment : It is remarkably negative in our factories. This is happening simply because of not following procedure of negligence. Please take necessary steps to control it and stop it.
  5. Working Hour : Generally we are beyond any limit – it is solely our responsibility to control this. This is how we are draining money. Please review every process, use all the given tools and make perfect use of it.     

 Improvement is a continuous process and in future we will come with few more points for all of us to focus on – and now please have a fresh breath and restart.

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