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The concept of “Job vs Business” is different to group of people. Somebody feels comfort to do job and somebody feels glad to do business. So, what should you choice? Answer will be depend on your mentality and situation. But we can compare advantages and disadvantages of both job and business, let’s see:

If you choice to do job, you have a secured life, most of the people think so. And this is very common thinking of people because most of the people don’t want to go outside from their comfort zone.  So, job is better for them than business. Moreover, some people like to take risk at any stage of their life, they must prefer business rather than job.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Job:

Advantages of doing Job:

  1. On time salary
  2. No risk of profit and loss
  3. Fixed office time (exceptional is always there)
  4. Yearly festival bonuses
  5. Increment and Incentive
  6. Flexibility of exposure
  7. Access to beneficial policies
  8. Working under boss/leader
  9. Headache free working
  10. Weekly and Yearly holidays
  11. And so on….

Disadvantages of doing Jobs:

  1. No freedom
  2. Fixed salary structure
  3. Fix in time but there is no out time
  4. Restriction of leave
  5. No job security, you can lose it at any time
  6. Official politicies
  7. Increase workload
  8. Lack of training
  9. No valuation of performance
  10. No bright future
  11. No creativity
  12. No big financial benefits
  13. And so on….

Advantage and Disadvantage of Business:

Advantages of doing Business:

  1. No boundary or barrier
  2. Freedom what you like to do
  3. Earn as per your effort
  4. Unlimited income opportunity as per your effort
  5. More freedom to do your won work
  6. You are your own boss
  7. Creating job for people
  8. Your hard work pays you
  9. No one to fire you
  10. Mental satisfaction
  11. Gathering more experience everyday
  12. No payment problem
  13. Money freedom
  14. Location freedom
  15. Time freedom
  16. Utilize your resources with your own passion
  17. And so on….

Disadvantages of doing Business:

  1. Need investment
  2. Need dedication and deep concentration
  3. No fixed income
  4. No time limit or freedom
  5. Need high financial risk
  6. No profit security, sometime it makes losses
  7. And so on….

So, considering the above advantages and disadvantages, think about it, consider your desire and take decision either your want to do job or business.

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