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How to start your own freelancing business


The definition of freelancing business is smart business with the blessings of IT technology. Once upon a time the word “Office” indicated a place consists of some Chair, Tables and other furniture, Fax, Telephone etc etc. But now-a-days, the definition of office has been changed. You can start your own Virtual Office without having visible items. That is your Smart Online Virtual Office to start your freelancing business.


List your asset to start business as below:

  • A Bag
  • A Computer/Laptop
  • A good Internet connection
  • A cell phone
  • A Website (with your own Domain Name)
  • A Headphone
  • A Webcam
  • Some accounts in several Social Network Sites
  • A positive mind-set
  • and so on….

Set your goal:

There are many kinds of business tracks through online. So, first choose a track to be best for you, list it, and design a plan to put a complete shape of your freelancing business.

Planning is the most important part of your business and you should outline it before you start. Your business will be like a boat without a sailor if you start it randomly and without any plan. You don’t need to make a corporate plan contains hundred pages, just write down a short plan for a short term pointing out your plan, simply …

  • Goal of your business
  • Business market
  • Your capability and week point
  • Essential and proper information
  • Future of your desired business
  • When to be started
  • What should you need to start
  • How long it will take to set up your business
  • Expected earning amount
  • and so on…

Try to invest whatever you have in your hand. Don’t put a large number of amounts to your business for the first time. You can do so after a certain time when your business will be established. You are suggested to invest your experience, time and energy to grow up your dream freelancing business. That’s it – Now you are ready to start.

Name your business:

Now it is time to name your business. Think a name for your business, in the case of freelancing business – the Domain Name will be, perhaps, the name of your business itself. So, choice a good Domain Name that match with the meaning of your business type.

After choosing your domain name, simply make a website for your business description. Website? Don’t worry. Either you can hire a web designer or developer to complete your site, or you can do it by yourself. Scared? Please don’t be. This is very easy to create a simple website to show your business. A basic knowledge of Web Design or free CMS scripts will help you to create a simple website for your business.

Do the next step – business interior:

Is your site ready? Well – create a couple of pages to identify your business.

Off course your site contains a home page. Write a description of your business and put it on your homepage. Remember to explain your service clearly on home page.

Who you are and from where? The answer of the question will goes to the “About” page of your site. Write about you, your business and a short story about your goal in this page so that your customer/client get knows about you.

List your products or services here on “Product” page available you are offering. Outline the product page very clearly and sharply.

Do you have your best works related with your business? Don’t keep it in your hard drive only. List all of them and put it in your site on “Portfolio” page to inspire your audience. This will help to promote your business services.

Of course you must have to leave your contact information on your site so that clients can reach you. Your virtual address, email address, website address, your cell phone number, messenger (yahoo, skype, google talk, WhatsApp, Viber, Imo) ID and a feedback form (using that your client will be able to send you comments/advice/query about your service) all together put in your “Contact” page.

The above guidelines are general and very simple. You can setup your site with more couple of pages, with more details, with more information, with more eye catching design and many more. You are free to set all of these things by your own, as you want.

Set your business ethics:

Every business consists some terms and conditions, some ethics, and you also have to outline some ethics for your business. It should not be a large number of terms for the first time because you started a new business. Just put some simple terms as listed below:

I work for 40~48 hours a week
I require at least 30~50% money paid in advance and balance is when the project done.
I offer 30 days after sales service
I generally work 6 days a week and Friday/Sunday is my holiday
and so on…

Market your business:

You have completed the above tasks to start your business, planned a business, set up a name and website, put information and outlined your business ethics. Then? Just sit and wait? Not at all. You have to market your business, your service information to be reached to the audience. How?

Let’s start some process to market your business.

What is your targeted market for your service? Globally? Well…

First optimize your website (Search Engine Optimization, SEO) so that your site can be shown on the first page of all major search engines. Remember that most of your clients will be reached to your site searching keywords on search engine. So this is very much important that your site is highly recognized by major search engines (google, yahoo, msn, bing etc).

You can also promote your site through social network (facebook, linkedin, twitter etc). First visit the site of social networks, open an account, do follow essential instruction to use the network, make your profile contains with the service of your business, search personnel who are interested about your services or who are related with your service or who are seeking service match with yours, invite them, let them to visit your site by leaving a link of your site to your profile.

Youtube is also one of the most popular places to promote your service. Make a short video clip and upload it to youtube.

There are much more way to promote your site and service. Think about it, research and do take necessary steps to promote your site and grow up your business.

Bottom line:

You have started your own business. So, you have to set your mind as a business owner. You have to update your service and business policy every week, every day and sometime every hour. You have to work hard.

Don’t expect output from your business within a short time. Keep patient, work regularly, think to improve your business and update it on regular basis.

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