How to Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing Business and Earn Money

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the model where marketer promote others products or services through a linked channel and get certain commissions from every sale. The Affiliate Marketing model is one of the most powerful, effective and rising marketing method in the world now.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is the largest ecommerce platform on this planet right now and they have launched their own Affiliate Program called Amazon Affiliate Program. It is said that Amazon Affiliate Program is the best affiliate program on this planet because of multiple reasons. First, Amazon has almost everything on their site to sell and they pay the highest commission rate to sale their products through their affiliate program. Moreover, Amazon gives more flexibility to earn sales commission for multiple purchases by the referred customer whom you redirected for one product. That means, you are redirecting a customer to Amazon by your own site through your customs link and if that particular customer purchase multiple products from Amazon, you will get commission for all of the successful purchase made by that customer. For these reason, Amazon is the most popular Affiliate Program for marketers to earn money.

How to start Amazon Affiliate Marketing

To start Amazon Affiliate Marketing, you have to have a website with particular niche. Niche means, you have to select a product, or some group of products or particular categories from Amazon’s huge list of categories. If your site earns most of the revenue from Amazon and your site is designed to promote Amazon’s products, in that case your site with specific categories is called Amazon Niche Site. One of the most popular Amazon Niche Site in this moment is The Wire Cutter as this site is making money from Amazon Affiliate program.

Choose your Niche

At first you have to choose a Niche for your site. For example you can choice Fishing Items, baseball accessories or mens clothing. Whatever you choice, you have to choice wisely. Because, there have huge competition with most popular categories through other sites and it will be difficult for you to compete for the popular categories with single simple and low investment site.

After selecting a niche for your site, it will take few days to establish your site, design and development and with some major contents. But that is not all. Major tasks will start from here. You have to optimize your site, make link building, ranking the site of major search engines, optimize target pages for better conversations and make to reach to your targeted customers.

This is the most stressful and brainstorming part to choose the right niche. Because your future success is depending on the niche that you are going to select today. So, be careful to choose your niche that is perfect for you as a beginner and must that you are interested in.

There are three types of Niches that described below for you so that you can take decision to choose which type of niche you will choose.

  1. High Competition Niche: The high competition niche is mostly covered by giant marketers through their huge invested niche sites and it will be very difficult for you to compete with them if you don’t have huge investment, manpower, time and effort. For example, laptop and mobile phone are high competition niches in the world and there are huge informative reviews about latest products of those particular niches.
  2. Medium Competition Niche: The medium competition niches are fairly competitive with the experienced marketers along with sound amount of investment. It is also very tough and difficult for any beginners who has just started with low investment. A certain amount of investment, marketing experience, healthy content and powerful keyword, paid theme and plugins are required to start even medium competition niche site.
  3. Low Competition Niche: This is the perfect niche for beginners and better to start with. Don’t think that low competition niche does not make money. Think about $1k is very small amount for giant marketers but it’s pretty handsome amount for a beginner.

So, better for you to choose the low competition niche and start your first step to Amazon Affiliate Marketing journey.

A few tips about niche:

Ok, you already have decided the niche level for your own business. Moreover carefully follow below tips for your niche site:

  • Your niche should be easy enough for both of you and SEO
  • Look at the future potentiality of the niche so that it can bring you revenew
  • There have some related products and sub categories of your niche that bring you good result
  • You are genuinely interested and passionate with the niche

Products Idea

Now it’s time to select specific products for your niche site. It’s not much easy that you think, but some brainstorming thinking can help you to find out the right products for your site relevant to your niche. How can you get product idea?

A very simple way to browse Amazon Product Category.

Yes, it’s a great idea for you to find out your perfect niche products by going through the category list of Amazon site. You can get more idea and huge products in this category list along with sub categories and related products. Choose from there will be easy and effective for you at the very beginning stage.

Additionally follow below tips for your niche products choose:

  • Better if your average product price is above $50
  • Your selected products should have at least 3.5 average customer rating
  • At least 500 monthly search volume

Keyword Research

This is the most important part of your Amazon Affiliate business and only you can generate revenue if you can choose the right keywords for your niche site. You can use Google Adwords Keyword Tools to find the right keyword for your niche site and it’s totally free. Moreover, you can use LongTailPro (paid) tools to find the right keyword for your niche site also.

Now it’s time to build your site

You have read the above business model and hope you get an idea on how to start your Amazon Affiliate journey. Now you have to make your business visible face. And to do that, you need below toods to start your Amazon Affiliate business:

  • A Domain Name – that should be easy to remember, well spelled, brandable, related with your business nature and off course not match with other established brands. You can purchase your domain for Namecheap or Namesilo.
  • Hosting – Hosting is a server space where all of your site scripts, files, images and data will be stored. You have to choose a good hosting that make your site faster loading to have smooth customer experience. You have to choose a good hosting company like Bluehost, Siteground or Hostgator.
  • Script – After choosing your domain and hosting, you have to build your site. It’s better to use WordPress to develop your site as this script is light, comfortable, easy to use, handy, huge essential plugins, easy to customize, faster loading time many more advantages.
  • Theme – Choose a good looking theme, simple and lightweight to load your site faster. Simple theme brings good result to get more traffic. At the beginning stage, you can choose free theme available on the net, but it’s better to use paid theme to get effective and good result for your site traffic that will generate good revenue from your site.

Pugin – You have to use some essential plugin for your site to optimize.

  • Yoast SEO
  • Akismet
  • EasyAzonPro
  • Thrive Content Builder
  • WP Super Cache
  • Q2W3 Fixed Widget
  • Contact Form 7
  • Tablepress
  • Table of Contents Plus
  • Ultimate Nofollow

Create some essential pages

  • About
  • Privacy Policy
  • Amazon Affiliate & FTC Disclosure
  • Terms of Services
  • Contact

Create Awesome Content

Content is king. This is one of the most important factor to get more traffic to your niche site. So, create informative, helpful, descriptive and easy to understand language and worlds for your niche site. Remember to create each article with at least 700~1000 words that brings good result for optimization and it’s helpful for customers to get more idea about the niche products.

Your site should have different type of contents as well:

  • Informative Articles
  • Answer type articles
  • List type articles
  • Product name related articles
  • Individual product review

If you are very beginner and with low budget, better you have to study huge about your niche and relevant products and create the article. But best practice is to source the articles from freelance professional writers that will bring much better result for your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Here is another important step – SEO (Search Engine Optimization). After creating your site, installing all of the plugins and creating awesome contents, you have to optimize your site to make it visible to the internet world. Some few steps are as follows:

  • Create relevant SEO Title of each and every content
  • Create short, but relevant meta description of your content
  • Create a set of relevant keywords for the content
  • Create authentic backlinks as much as possible
  • Submit your site along with sitemap and structured data to major search engines
  • Comments to other blogs that similar to your niche site and put your site name footprint there
  • Be active to all major Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram)
  • Put your links to Web 2.0 sites
  • Use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to understand about your site performance, traffic source, visitors’ behaviour and performance date and improve your site every day to get better result.
  • Write content periodically and regularly
  • Make focus on what customers want and write for them to give them a better idea and solution

All Set?

Happy journey to the world of Amazon Affiliate Business and earn lot of money from this business…. But but but – remember one thing, this is not a shortcut journey and you cannot earn over night. You have to work and keep patient to earn money, but surely it is possible to earn massive income from Amazon Affiliate Business if you really want.

Feel free to contact with me to get more support about Amazon Affiliate Business and I shall try my best for you spread my hands.


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