How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate Marketing

Traditional marketing system has been almost replaced by online or internet marketing system called Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is simply explained as you promote other’s products and/or services. When a sale is made by you, you will be paid commission considering you sale. Different Affiliate program has its different sales and commission system. Most of the affiliate systems pay only after successful sales lead.

Basics of joining in Affiliate Program:

Though all Affiliate Programs are offering their systems through online, first of all, you have to sign up with their program on their websites. This is very simple part. When you chose Affiliate program from site, you will be noticed to sign up and a form will be appeared. Put required information like your name, email address, password, location etc. and submit the form. A confirmation link will be sent to your mail. You have to click that link to confirm them that you are the owner of the email address that all communication and notification will be provided to that mail address.

After confirmation, you will get an affiliate ID. After sign in at affiliate program by using your affiliate ID and password, you can get your affiliate or referral link (text link/banner link). You now have to put this link to your own website. If the visitor of your site clicks on your affiliate or referral link, they will be directed to that affiliate provided site and now that visitor is your referral. If that visitor purchase any products or services from that site, or just click any link of that site (dependents on affiliate system offered by that site), you then will be qualified a commission.

How to get your earned commission:

Different affiliate provider offers different payment methods. Most commonly payment methods are paypal, moneybookers, alertpay, 2checkout, cheque, direct deposit, payoneer etc. After signing in with the affiliate site, you can select your best payment method from the list provided them.

How much you can earn:

As much you can sell products or services, as much you can earn. It dependents of how many visitor are directing to affiliate sites referred by your affiliate link and how much they are purchasing their products or services.

How much they will pay per sales lead? Different affiliate program offers different commission structures. So far I have seen that the affiliate commission is up to 70% of a successful sales amount.

How to start:

If you are a owner of an website, you can apply for any affiliate program. Though affiliate network spreads through net and website, you must have to have a site first. Your site should be contained some unique information. No matter what type of information you are offering by your site, but all content should be unique and clean.

Visitor of your site is the most important factor to generate revenue from any affiliate program or other advertisement programs. Because, your visitors will be directed to affiliate site and they will probably be interested to purchase their products. So, your site should be SEO friendly so that more visitors come to your site. If your site gains high traffic, your affiliate marketing and/or other advertisement sale will be increase and they will bring you revenue.

Keep in touch with and through this blog you will get step by step guide to build your own affiliate marketing business. Please contact with me for further assistance or help.

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  • I want to launch affiliate website and thinking to work with revglue as they are providing free tools with free wordpress plugins and templates. If any one have experience with revglue please share here because i am confused in tools selection.

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