How to set a goal and focus on it for life – 3 easy steps

From the very beginning of our school, we read the “Aim in Life”,¬† now it is called in practical field, Setting Goal for life. All we know that the ship without a radar, neither goes any where. A letter without address, neither goes any where. And this is very true that a life without a goal, neither achieve anything. A cat target two rabbits neither catch anyone. So, you must have to set a goal in your life if you want to achieve something in your life. Otherwise your life will goes directionless direction.

But it is very difficult to set a goal and focus on it in real life, isn’t it? Today I’m going to share an authentic formula which helps you to set your goal in life and achieve the goal.

First trust yourself that you can do something and believe on yourself. This is very very important to set goal in life and achieve it. Then find out your desire. Only desire can let you get the ultimate success in life. Jerking  inside yourself and find out which attracts you much more. The work you are passionate with and can do half a day without being tired, that is your desire.

After selecting your desire, use 1,2,3 focus formula. What is 1,2,3 focus formula?

  1. Set 1 goal (one desire that your are passionate with)
  2. Spend 2 hours everyday to think about the goal
  3. Continue the process for 3 months continuously.

The above three steps will help you to set a goal and focus on it. And if you continue do the steps, you will achieve deep focus on your goal and achieve your goal will be easy in your life. Follow the steps above, you will be successful in your life.

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