How to reveled WiFi password in connect environment

In online world, it is very difficult to remember all the passwords you are using. Your computer is connected to WiFi network that you are using for a long time, and forgot the password for as long time it was not needed. Now you want to connect your mobile device or tab to the same WiFi network, you need the password for your current network. So how you will reveled the password? Here is the best solution on windows environment.

Your computer (with windows operating system) is connected with WiFi network. Just go to commend prompt, got to run> type cmd> press enter.

Commend prompt will be launched. type below line to your commend prompt and press enter

netsh wlan show profile name=H*** key=clear

Here “H***” is the name of your WiFi network name. Below details will be shown after your press enter.

Yellow marked filed will indicate your password of your current WiFi network. That’s it, now use it on your another WiFi devices.

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