how to make a sale

How to Make a Sale

Sales profession is one of the extreme profession in the world. Sales means not just selling a product or service. Most of the people go to customer for sale but fail. If you go to make a sale, you cannot sale anything. If you go to customer as a salesman, probably customer will now allow you to sell, they want to buy as per their need. In selling job, it works as 80/20 ratio. Eighty percent of salesman fail because they want to sell. And twenty percent people goes to customer as a sales consultant.

Here is the magic. If you act as a salesman, nothing can be sold. You have to act as a sales consultant and then you can make a sale. To be a consultant, you have to go throw three steps process.

  1. Listen and build relationship
  2. Find the need of the customer
  3. Make a pause before reply and give the customer a good solution related to your product

Listen and build relationship:

To be a sales consultant, first you have to listen. Listen what your customers say. Ask question. Ask everything about customer’s mission, vision, dream, current situation, desire and requirement. This step helps to make a relationship with your customer. Customers need relationship before purchasing anything from you. They need trust and you have to build a trust to make a relationship with the customer. Be a good listener. When you listen to customers, they feel that you are interested to him, you are listening to him. A strong relationship and faith will be built when you carefully and genuinely listen to your customers.

Find the need of the customer:

Ask question and listen more. The more you ask, the more you know about your customers. The more you know about your customers, the more chances you can find out customer’s requirements and needs and this will help you to make focus on your sales. If you able to know every details of your customers, you can find more opportunities to sale more products or services to your customers. It’s a magical process and it really works magically.

Make a pause before reply and give the customer a good solution related to your product:

After listening all about your customers’ history, lifestyle, dream, desire, mission and vision, you have now clear conception about your customers’ need. Remember to listen carefully, every point, every single word from them. Now make a pause before you reply. This time gap will make you trusted to your customers. If your customers trust you, rely on you, their thinking will go to a new direction. They think that they will be safe in touch of you.

Now your time to give him a solution. Don’t try to sell, try to give your customers a best solution. If you give your customers a best solution, the sale will be automatically made for you.

So, remember the points – Listen and make relationship with your customers, find their needs, build trust, pause before reply and then give your customers a best solution for them. Happy selling.

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