How to get Payoneer Master Debit Card in Bangladesh to get payment

Payoneer is one of the renowned company that provides financial services through Debit Master Card using their global network. This service is very useful and important specially for people from Bangladesh who are in freelancing and online based business in Bangladesh. Because transaction of international payment is still very complicated in Bangladesh and Payoneer service is one of the best option for them to execute their business or getting payment outside of Bangladesh.

It’s very easy to get Payoneer Master Card from Bangladesh. Simply click the link above and get registered to the Payoneer. You will be asked your National ID and Electric Bill copy for ID and Address verification to get the account registered. After completion of registration, the card will be shipped via general postal services and you will get the card in your hand in 25~30 days.

Facilities of Payoneer Debit Master Card:

  1. You will get a Global Debit Master Card
  2. A Virtual Account in American Bank
  3. Using Global Payment Services, you will be able to get payment from any company in the world against your work or services like Google Adsense, Wpwork, Paypal.
  4. You can withdraw local currency at any time using the ATM booth marked Master Card supported all over the world
  5. You can verify your Paypal account using your Payoneer Master Card and US Virtual Account

So, to get all of above facilities and more, register to Payoneer today and get your dream US Virtual Account along with Debit Master Card.

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