How To Get More Traffic to your blog – Submit your blog in Search Engine

Search Engines help people to find website related with their search query. So, if your site comes on the search page on major search engines, you will get more visitors. The more visitors means more traffic. The more traffic you get to your site, the more you be successful.

There have two types of search result in Search Engine. One is paid, the other is organic. Paid result is generally viewed on search result page if you pay them. But on the other hand, you don’t have to pay for the organic search result. If your site is indexed and if you have enough unique content in your site, your site may get at front page position in the search engine result page. And generally people visit the sites which are in the first page in search result.

Before your site to be indexed to the search engine, you have to submit your site to those search engines. Which are the most search engine generally people visit? Google, Yahoo, Bing! Those search engines are most popular to the people all over the world. So, at first you have to submit your site to the major search engines. As well as you have to optimize your site for better search ranking.

So, let’s start to submit your blog to search engine.


Google is the top most popular search engine we have ever seen. Their system is fully automated as well as their human efforts are also involved to index your site in their system. Generally google indexed each and every site to their system automatically without submitting site url to their system. But if you want better performance and monitor and tracking about your site performance, better you have to submit your site to google. Follow the link to submit your site to google – google/addurl.

Put your domain name on the URL field and put CAPTCHA word on the captcha field and submit. That’s it. You have done.


Yahoo is also a giant search engine over the world. You have to follow the link to Add URL to Yahoo. Submit your site and that’s it.


Bing also a giant search engine owned by Microsoft. You can submit your site to Bing for better search result and ranking. Follow the link to submit your URL to Bing.

After submission your site to search engine, keep patient. Normally it takes couple of months to index your site to their system. Meantime they will review your site, content as well as site structure to qualify better search result position.

Meantime, update and improve your site on regular basis.

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