How to Extract all email addresses from Gmail using Google Add-ons (Email Extractor)

Email list collection is very much important for any kind of business for email marketing to spread business and campaign. Collecting email address is very difficult. But today I’m going to share an easiest way to collect email addresses from your gmail account. You have thousands of emails in you Gmail account and you need all of the sender’s email addresses to be collected on spread sheet. So how do you do that? The manual way that you have to open each and every mail, copy the sender’s email address and put it to spread sheet. Hah… it’s not easy to access hundreds of thousands of mail and it will take couple of days or months to collect that.

Here is one of the best solution using Google Add-ons that will help you to extract all of the email addresses from your gmail account in very few and easy step. To do that, first login to your Google drive and create a spread sheet and open the spread sheet from google drive.

email extractor add-ons

After opening the spreadsheet, you will find Add-ons option at the top of the menu bar as below:

email extractor step 2

After clicking the Add-ons, Go to Add-ons:

email extractor step 2a

In search box, search “Email Extractor” and you can find the below add-ons. Just install it.

email extractor step 3

After successfully installation, just go to Add-ons>Email Address Extractor>Start Email Extractor:

email extractor step4

Below window will be appeared. From the window, just select Gmail Lebel>All, that means this will grab emails from all label of your Gmail box. Mark all the fields as below. Finally, click “Start Extractor” at the bottom of the window.

email extractor step 5

The add-ons will automatically collect all of your email address (From – From, To, Cc, Bcc, Body, Subject, Reply To and and Header) accordingly and all the email lists will be put on the spreadsheet.

Remember that the Email Extractor will collect and put all the email addresses on Google Spreadsheet. You will find two sheets – “All Emails” and “Unique Emails”. There may have same email address repeated in your mail box and all of the addresses will be collected in All Emails sheet. And Email Extractor will automatically create a second sheet named Unique Emails that will list the unique email lists for you.

email extractor step 6

You have one step more, go to your mail box and you will find a new label named “Extracted”. Just remove this label and that will not make any changes.

email extractor step 7

Done. Now you have got all of your email addresses extracted using Google Email Extractor Add-ons. And you can use this authentic email lists for email marketing or any other purpose that will spread your business or services.

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