How to Earn Money with Web Design


In freelancing world, Web Design is one of the most popular tracks. There are huge numbers of freelancing jobs on Web Design. The demand of web designing is rapidly increasing day by day as most of the companies and sometimes individual persons having interest to open their own website. In a developed country, web design is very expensive and, sometime web designer also not available as per ration in need. For this reason, they are outsourcing to the developing countries like India, Pakistan, Vietnam and Bangladesh. In these countries, there are opportunities to do outsource in a very cheap rate.

So, you can start your freelancing career as a Web Designer.


Really you will not be needed any degree from any reputed university or institute. It doesn’t matter how much educated you are or how many academic certificate do you have. If you have basic knowledge of computer and have skill in English, you can start learning Web Design. It will take a couple of months to learn and take preparation about web design, after that you can start your career as a Web Designer.

How to start:

First you need to know what is website. A website is with a unique name, called Domain Name – indicating the address of a website, and some files contain information about the related companies or persons. When someone calls a website to know or see information putting address on a browser, the files, which is located in a server, shows the information on browser.

A Web Designer creates and maintains the files for a website which publish the details of a company.

What should you learn?

There are several things you need to learn to be a Web Designer. Most commonly as listed below:

  • Web design basics
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Photoshop/Illustrator/Fireworks
  • Flash
  • Basic of PHP
  • Dreamweaver (The Editor)
  • W3C Rules
  • FTP Software
  • AMP
  • And so on …

Start learning Web Design, take preparation, do some live projects – you can then start your freelancing career as a Web Designer.

Where to find work?

There are large numbers of online Marketplace where there are large number of web design jobs available everyday. You have to get project by bidding.

Some reputed Marketplaces are listed below:


So, don’t waste your time, just set your mind and start your freelancing career as a Web Designer.


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