How to earn money with Search Engine Optimization – SEO Overview

Search Engine Optimization is better known as SEO.  Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective ways to market your website as well as best resource to earn money.

Basics of SEO:

SEO is a system or algorithm using which a website could be known to the search engines. When people go to search engines to search anything related with your service or products, they will not search calling the name of your website. Normally visitors put a keyword to the search engine and the search engine searches the keyword that match with the services or products provided by millions of websites. SEO is one of the best technique that helps search engines to find the optimized site higher than millions of other sites in response to a search query. This way SEO helps to get traffic for relevant website.

Benefits of SEO:

When a visitor search a keyword on search engine, search engine determines the result of millions of websites matched with the keyword. This search result shows on browser serial wise and ten web addresses shown on the first page. This search result called organic search result. This is the normal practices that the visitor clicks on the sites listed on the first page only whereas millions of results are left on the next pages. If a site shows on the first page of search result, which means it could be visited by visitor and the site gets traffic. More traffic on a site means more visitors; more visitors mean more sales of the services or products provided by that site.

How to optimize a site:

There are several steps must to do to optimize a site that search engine easily track the site and put it up on the search result. Major methods as page optimization, off page optimization, site structure, unique content, implementation of images, site link, HTML structure and W3C validation etc must follow to build a website.

On page optimization means the site construction and HTML code should be validate by W3C guidelines. HTML code should be perfect and closed, should be avoid broken link, content must be unique and the site should be well navigational. A easy site map should be offered for the visitors so that they can easily switch page to page and can see whole contents of the site at a glance.

Search engines can not crawl images. So, when using image, must apply an alter tag named the images. Search engine will recognize the images using the alter tag provided by you. Avoid broken links and use correct HTML code. Broken link will cause reduce your crawling performance by search engines.

Off page optimization means to make link building, link sharing or link exchange, submitting site to major search engine etc. If your site link is shown in other sites, the link on those other sites called the backlinks to your site. The more backlinks mean the more visitor could find your site.

You can also exchange or share your site link with other sites. That is, you will put other site’s link (off course that site should be good and information rich) to your site and your site’s link will be put on those sites. This is called link exchange. This system depends on the mutual discussion of both site owners.

SEO Professional:

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular freelancing track worlds wide. There are huge jobs available related with SEO on the freelancing marketplaces. Any person, who has basic knowledge of web design, can start learning SEO and build their career on this track.


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