How to add Google Translation extension to your Chrome Browser

Once upon a time, there was language barrier all over the world. People who speaks in English, doesn’t understand Chinese language, Tamil speaking people didn’t understand Bangla language. In that case people had to depend on interpreter. But Google Translate made it really simple and easy and now people all over the world can do understand almost any kind of languages through this services. Using Google Translation, you can know the word meaning, hear it’s pronunciation and even translate the entire website to your desired language.

Generally you can find Google Translation under Google products. But you can add the Google Translation Extension to your Chrome Browser to get easy access and use it.

Go to Chrome Browser> at the right top menu, find More Tools>Extensions>Get More Extensions. Search Google Translation and install it to your browser. You will get an Icon at the right top of the browser:

That’s it. Now when you browse any site and need to know the meaning of any particular word, simple right click on thee word and you will find the Google Translate option on pop-up menu. Simply click it and will will get the meaning of that particular word on Google Translation. Moreover, you can convert the entire website to your desired language simple click on the link mentioned under icon “TRANSLATE THIS PAGE”.

You can add Google Translate to your Android Mobile Device by simple install the apps from Google Play Store. That will allow you to translate any browsing site or word instantly.

Google Translate helps billions of people to improve their language skill in very easy and simple way. It’s a great tool that will help you a lot to develop your communication skill and to make the world without language barrier.

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