Employment Motivation to Grow Your Business

The key success of any business is to build a high performance team. With a high performance team, a business can be grown in J-Curve graph. This is very important to build a high performance team before start any production or going to the market to promote the products. Trust, it’s a so powerful method to build a high performance team is one of the major key to grow any kind of business.

To build a high performance team, the first step to make Employment Motivation. You want that your team member can do five times more performance than an average person, you have to motivate the member of your team to achieve that goal. Competitive Advantage is very important to establish the business in particular marketplace, but the most important in this century is to make Collaborative Advantage. If your team is much collaborative enough, you can compete in the marketplace and perform more than any other businesses those who are your competitor.

Yes, not it’s time to make a high performance team and to create that you have to act by doing Employment Motivation. There are 10 (Ten) simple steps that you can make an extra ordinary high performance team by following.

You have an organization and off course you have a team to perform the business. We believe that you already have the written Role and Goal of your organization no matter how much size of your organization is. Share Role and Goal of your company with your team first so that they can understand it clearly.

Now it’s time to act.

10 Key Points to Motivate your Team Members:

  1. Give them a paid vacation: It works like a magic. Remember anything is appreciated, gets repeated. So if you give them a paid vacation, they will be inspired and their performance will be increased rapidly after come back from the paid vacation. Do it for any of his good job or tasks. What will be happen? The other team members will be inspired to do their tasks perfectly to get this opportunity.
  2. Give Trophies and Certificates Replace with Cash: Yes, give a trophy and certificate for their good work in place of cash as a recognition. It helps to make them think that they are important and they can achieve any goal. Make a meeting and gathering and handover the trophy and certificate in front of all other team member.
  3. Lunch with the CEO: It’s another magical step to motivate any team member. The team member who did his best for the company in a certain period, offer him lunch or coffee with the CEO. It encourage him to do better performance in next future. Get selfie with the team member and put the picture on the notice board of your organization. That member will feel important and off course the other team members will try to achieve this opportunity and they will try to do better more.
  4. Make a Case Study or Influential Video: Make a short Case Study or Influential Video of the top performer of the month of your team and share the video in the social media group. It helps to inspire the performer for next activities to do his job perfectly as well as other team members will be inspired to do better than what they are doing.
  5. Chose Star Performer to Represent your Organization: Yes, this is one of the most important and vital point to motivate your team members. When you chose the star performer to represent your organization, send him to any important meeting, send him to get any recognition achieved by your company, put him in front to any corporate gathering, the person will feel that he is important. He will try his level best to do better than present. He will present your organization in the best way to show others or in the marketplace. By doing so, you can make a life time relationship with that person, he will be connected to your company by heart.
  6. Incentive for the continuous presence: If one of your team member present continuously 90 days to your organization without getting any leave, give him a recognition and incentive. This will works as a due drop in a desert. People want money, but more than than they want recognition and incentive.
  7. Ownership Award: If someone of your team do something to improve your business, take care to protect the loss of your business, give him award. This method will create an Ownership Mentality in his mind and he will do more better and his best for your company.
  8. Correct in Private: This point is very much important for any organization to motivate the team members. If someone do some wrong or not in the right direction, don’t tell him publicly. Call him privately and tell him that there are huge potentiality inside him and he can do more better by doing correction of his mistake that he did. This will save his face and he can try his best not to do any mistake in future.
  9. Recognition for improvement of the organization: If someone do something new that creates a value to your organization, reduce the extra cost, increase the productivity of your organization or something else like that, give him a recognition. It creates huge impact to the mentality of that person and he will do his task honestly on upcoming days.
  10. Free Training and Skill Development Course: The members in your team who are doing well honestly for your organization, offer them a free improvement training and skill development programs so that they could be better performer in future and do their best to raise your business.

Before development of Intellectual Capital and Financial Capital, it is very much important to development Human Capital. First two can be destroyed any time, but if you have a skilled, motivated and high performance Human Capital, not matter what the situation is, you can run and grow your business at any time, any place and in any situation.

Last but not least, this list is not completed and there are more other methods to improve Employment Motivation. Expecting your comments below and potential methods and commented person’s name will be mentioned in this article to make it rich to help others.

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