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Corporate Leadership Training – Desire Skill formula

Corporate Leadership is all about Skill, Desire and proper implementation of every positive formula. In any organization, there are four kinds of people depending on whom an organization can transform to next step. If any organization wants complete change on their corporate culture, must have to consider the formula that we are going to talk about now.

As per Desire Skill formula, there are four kinds of people in your organization who are playing a vital role and your organizational growth is depending on how you are caring about each and every positional people and utilize them.


On this Desire Skill formula, defined four kinds of people and we are going to step by step.


In step-1, generally new joining people are there who has high desire but no skill. They don’t know what to do but they have high desire to do something. These people are very important for the organization because if the organization train them, they could be skilled and with their desire and skill, they could be a good leader and lead the organization.


This step is the most inactive position and people on this step are with low desire and low skill. Basically, when people join in the company in Step-1 with high desire and don’t get enough support from the organization to build up their skill, they desire goes low and they became to the step-2 position.


This is the vital step where people are skilled enough but they don’t have enough desire to grow up themselves or they don’t think about the growth of the organization. No doubt that most of the important tasks done by the people in this step, but most of them are with low desire. They just keep going and think about their own. From this position, very few people grow their desire and go to the next step – leadership stage.


This is the most important position for an organization. People here with high skill and high desire. They know what they should do, what to do, when to do, where to do. They put attention on step-1 to grow up their skill. They also put more attention on step-3 to increase their desire and improve them, or kick them out from the organization. And they put more attention on Step-1 to clear the position and recruit new people with high desire so that they could be trained up and that will be helpful for the organization.

Considering the all four steps, an organization should take more attention of all the steps and do necessary action to grow up them to build a perfect Corporate Leadership culture.

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