Best Inspirational Story – Karoly Takacs

This was the story of 1938, there was a man named Karoly Takacs in Hungary. He was the best pistol shooter in his country at that time. And he won all the national awards in this particular field at that time and his goal was very clear to achieve the gold in Olympic which was going to be hold in 1940. And everybody was confirmed that Karoly will won the gold on next Olympic in 1940’s. But there had an accident in 1938. An army training was going on and he was under training as he was in army. A hand grenade had been blasted on his right hand and he had lost his hand which could get him the best prize on shooting event in next Olympic.

After treatment, he did not focus on which he lost, he focused on which he had and that was his left hand, using which he even could not write. He practiced with his left hand for a  year and and compete in the national championship in 1939 and he own. And finally he focused to the Olympic on 1940. But 1940 Olympic as cancelled due to second world war. He then focused on the Olympic on 1944 but that was also cancelled due to world war. In 1948, he became 38 years old and that age is too to compete with the young shooter. But he attend the Olympic and won the gold. Not only that, in 1952 Olympic, he again compete and again won gold and made history. No one before him won the gold in that particular event in Olympic. He made the history.

Nothing is impossible. He focused on which he did not have, he focused on which he had and made history. This is the most influential story ever in history.

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