Be Proactive to be successful in life

Are you scared of life? Are you worry about your future? Most probably most of the people are habitat with such habitation.  Everyone has a desire to be rich financially, mentally and socially. How many persons can be reached to that goal? A very few.

What is the definition of rich? Think about it. Can you say you are rich? Take a look all over the world. There are three billion people of the world are living with less than $2 per day earning. They don’t have roof onto their head, they don’t have enough food to fulfill their hunger, they don’t have TV to enjoy the news, and surely they don’t have internet access.So, how they are living their life. Simply, under the poverty. Now think about yourself. I believe that you have opportunity to access internet because you are reading this blog article. It means you probably have TV in your house to watch news and other entertainment programs, because you have ability to pay cable bill. Obviously you have enough food tonight and the surely you have enough money to pay for the breakfast tomorrow morning. You have enough money to pay off your house rent and school fees for your children. So, what you are? Are you not richer than about three billion people of the world?

Think about what you already have. Thank for what you have. Be proactive and surely you will be more successful in life. Remember that success is not a destination, it’s a journey. Continuously going ahead is success. Go ahead with what you already have. That is your resource, that is your wealth. That is enough for you to work and go ahead. Thank that billions of people will be grateful and thankful if they have position like you.

Think bigger. You are attracting what you are. And you are what you think. So, first think bigger. Think that you have enough resources, enough wealth. Think that you are enough rich. Start working with what you have.

Negative thoughts bring negative actions. So, if you want to be succeed in life, you have to think proactively. You have to avoid negative thoughts, you have to think about yourself that you are rich. And believe that you are really rich.


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