A Business Review – Total Solution – in Dhaka

It’s all about the business review of my nearest friend.

Total Solution” has started it’s journey in early 2017 with four dedicated energetic guys in southern side of Dhaka city and rapidly grown up their business with dedication, smart work, commitment and superior services to it’s customer. And what their business is?

Perhaps they even don’t know that the name they decided and their future vision will be merged in the present moment. Four guys – Sohag, Dipu, Ali and Mintu – my four fingers friend, decided to establish IT (Information Technology) solution company at the early 2017 and named it “Total Solution“. And now a days they covered with their service area in five districts surrendered Dhaka.

What they actually do?

Their business model is to make customers satisfied and delighted with their services. Their target customers are small business owners and home PC users. Their dedicated services as they have listed as below:

  • Selling Computer Hardware, Parts, Accessories and essential items
  • Repairing & Upgrading old computers and laptops
  • Data Transfer and Data Recovery Services with trust
  • Customized Software – Inventory, Accounting, POS System
  • Providing Security equipment to protect home, shop, office etc.
  • Domain, Hosting, Email Hosting & Web Development

Moreover they are increasing their service areas day by day as per market demands. I’m very glad with their services and wish them all the best.

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