habit of poor people and rich people

7 Things that poor people do, but rich people don’t

The 7 habits that poor people do but rich people don’t. It’s a hair line difference between poor and rich. Having the changes of those habits can make your life changes forever. Take a look:

  1. Poor people watch TV but rich people read books in their free time. Watching TV is totally waste of time and it reduces your potential activity. Whereas having habit of reading makes rich of your knowledge. Read at least a book in month and that will change your life.
  2. Poor people blame others for their misfortune, rich people take responsibility of their actions. Poor people always blame to the society, to the Creator, to the people around them, to their job, to their boss, to their family, to their society. Rich people take responsibility of their actions, make changes of themselves, learn from mistake, make correction and go for the next step.
  3. Poor people get paid for the time they spend, rich people get paid for the value they created. Actually poor people only do what they have instructed, do hard work and just do that without involvement of their own creativity. Rich people know that they are doing, how to do and why to do and thus they create the value. No matter how much time rich people spend, they get paid for the value they create.
  4. Poor people know everything and always want to tell about every issue at every time, rich people keep silent, listen and develop their knowledge. Poor people always love to speak and deliver their opinion about their society, about politics, about environment, about diseases, about the future of other people, about everything. Rich people always ask question to know more from others.
  5. Poor people focus on savings, rich people focus on earnings. By doing savings, anyone cannot be rich, because, to lead a comfortable life, you must have to spend money. Rich people focus on earning to make their life comfortable, spend as much as they can. You don’t have savings problem, you have earning problem and thus you did not get rich as of now. Always focus on earning and make money attract to you.
  6. ¬†Poor people think that money is the root of all evil, rich people always think the lack of money is the root of all evil. Without money people can lead their life comfortably and thousands of obstacles will be arise if you don’t have sufficient money to make your life happy.
  7. Poor people have a lottery mentality, rich people depends on their own actions. Poor people always love to think they will get a sudden opportunity and achieve huge bucks, want to get quick rich scheme, rich people always focus on their own action, do focus on each and every step, pay attention on their action, develop themselves every single day and get step one by one and finally they get success in course of time.

Last but not the list, this list is not complete and expecting your own opinion to make this content rich. Spreading hands to accept your ideas to improve this article.

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