7 Reasons why people can’t make money from blog

Start blogging is easy and anyone can start blog. People start blog as it is their hobby, as it is their target, as it is their business and or as it is their job. But this is true that people start blogging to earn money as a tiny target. But most of the people fail to earn money from their blog. What’s the reason?

I am outlining some common reasons why people can’t make money from blog.

1. Not update blog regular:

Most of the blogger start blog with huge energy and then, after some time, they don’t update their blog. People likes to read blog which is updated regularly. So, if you want to gain in blogging, you must have to update your blog on regular basis.

2. Not choice appropriate niche:

John is writing his blog about internet marketing and he is successful, so, if I start blogging about internet marketing, I also will be successful. This is wrong decision. You have to start blogging on which you are interested, on which you know many things, on which you are expert. Choice your niche what you know and then start blogging. Otherwise you will be failed.

3. Thinking that blogging is easy:

Anything is not easy. If you want to be successful, you have to do hard work. Blogging is not easy. You have to learn many thing about blogging, strategy of blogging, future of blogging as well as advantage of blogging. You have to update it regularly and you have to take proper care of your blog properly.

4. Not writing unique content:

Just copy and paste blogging days has been over. People and even search engine can recognize that your content is unique or not. Yes, of course you can write about a topic on which there are thousands of articles already written in another blogs. You have to write in your own way. You have to write article with your own language and you have to implement your own thoughts with your writings.

5. Not giving solutions:

People will come to your blog for solutions on the same topic of your blog. So, try to give solutions through your blog.

6. No planning:

Planning is the most important to start any kind of business. Blogging is your online business. So, at first you have to make proper plan to start blogging. You have to choice your niche, you have to set your goal, you have to read more about your blog topic and you have to write unique informative article to give solutions to your reader.

7. Quitting from blogging:

Success is not comes in a day. So, don’t quit from blogging if you want to be succeed. You quit from blogging, means you fail. So, continuously update your blog and write at least one article a day.
In your blogging journey, try to avoid those common mistakes to be succeed in blogging.

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