5 Types of Leadership Qualification

Leadership Qualification if very much important for any kind of company, organization, institute or any kind of business. A perfect leader can achieve the target goal of the business with his leadership qualification and personal power, not positional power. The ultimate growth of the company is depending on the qualification of the leader who is leading the company.

There are five kinds of leaders generally seen as below and we shall discuss from the fifth stage:

  1. Master
  2. Completer
  3. Dilettante
  4. Fault Finder
  5. Quitter

5. Quitter: The so called leadership qualification is quitter. This type of leader may have positional power, not personal power. The moment to see the upper graph of the goal of the organization, the Quitter will just see on the top and directly say – oh it’s not possible. He is always be negative and not much active to solve any problem. They will never try to even one step on stair to try to go to the target. And finally they will fall down. That type of leaders is very dangerous for the organization or business.

4. Fault Finder: In this step, the leader is a little bit advanced of the fifth level. The observe the target and goal and try to analyze and find out the reasons for which it cannot be possible. They are a bit logical rather than fifth stage leader and they do not do any step based on their own created useless logic. And finally that leader also cannot be reached to the target.

3. Dilettante: This stage leader is bit powerful other than fifth and fourth position leaders. A dilettante leader is energetic and confidence level is some higher. He gets the challenge and start step-by-step upwards to the target. But after a time period, when difficulties or unexpected situation comes, he falls down – one time, two times, three times… and falling after several times, he will be a quitter and hands up and say that it will not possible. So he finishes his journey at the mid level of his way.

2. Completer:  A completer is leader with full of power, energy, personal power, dream and desire. He always ready to face any challenges. He falls down and again bounce back no matter how many times he falls down, he is capable to bounce back and go ahead. And finally he reaches to the target and achieve the goal. Perfect leader no doubt.

1.  Master: This is an extra ordinary leader who creates history. The Master, this type of leader is same as completer but a hair thickness difference between between Completer and Master. Completer falls down and bounce back, try again and again by increasing his energies and forces. But Master Leader – when falls down, he do one step back, take a breath, observe around him and the top target and find out the other better alternation solutions which helps him to save his time and energy, apply his creativity and achieve the goal. After falling down, he never change his goal, just change his strategy and with the best possible and effective strategy, he achieves the goal and reach at the peak of the target successfully.

The Master Leadership cannot be count in percentage, they can be counted in the number in the world. They do not read the history, the make the history. So, be a Master Leader to grow your business, organization on the top level in the market, even take it to the global market.

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