5 Simple steps to increase your productivity

You have several day-tasks including your personal life works as well as your professional tasks. And of course all the time a day is not fit for your mental preparation. Moreover, each day is different with another day and each day has it’s own form. For this reason, for example, yesterday you have completed a lot of tasks while today you could not even complete a simple work.

Remember that you have to continue your tasks to be completed and you must have to have rhythm of your productivity. So, to increase your productivity of your professional related tasks, simply follow below steps that really work. In my personal life, I always follow the steps and I got good result to increase my productivity.

Have a look:

  1. Choice your peak time:

You may have some time a day when you feel fresh and your brain works at it’s best. So, choice that peak time to think about your tasks and make a complete plan in that time. This will help you to complete half of your tasks easily.

  1. Slice your big picture:

Remember that your brain can not do all tasks at a time. Let it do part by part. And to do so, you have to first make a big picture about your tasks and just dream it. Then slice your big picture piece by piece and do every part one by one. And end of the day, you will find that your piece by piece tasks has been completed as well as your big picture has not get a form.

  1. Make schedule of your tasks:

At the beginning of the day, you have to make a schedule of all of your tasks for hole day. Yes my friend, of course everything should come under your schedule including your lunch and badminton play.

  1. Design your workplace perfect:

What’s your workplace? Well, in definition, where you sit and work. At all, your total working environment. I am sure you are not interested to write an article sit inside your kitchen, because you have chair and table to do that. Yes, design your workplace as workable and you can manage your tasks easily. You must have to have all your working tools functional and near your hand.

  1. Make your own system:

Make your own system as per your working environment and requirement. Someone likes to work near window whereas other one likes to work sitting on the roof. So, you know very well about your working system and plan it so that you can do your tasks comfortably.

Following those simple steps, you can obviously increase your working productivity.


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