20 Essential Professional Blogging Tools for beginners and professionals

There are thousands of blogging tools here and there. Those tools are very much essential and useful to customize and monetize your blog. Here I am presenting some of useful and professional blogging tools in one place to help new bloggers as well as professionals.

Have a look:

Most essential blogging tools:

  1. Adsense – Earn money with pay per click advertisement. Adsense is owned by Google.
  2. Clicksor – In-text ads to earn money
  3. Infolinks – In-text ads to earn money
  4. Amazone Associates – Popular affiliate program
  5. Akismet – Comments spam filtering tools
  6. Adwords – Advertising network to promote site or blog. Adwords is owned by Google
  7. Blog Ads – Advertising Network
  8. Clickbank – Store house of affiliate programs
  9. Commission Junction – Another popular library of affiliate programs
  10. Copyscape – Content theft checker
  11. Ecto – Blog editing tools
  12. Feedburner – RSS and Feed burning and managing tools
  13. Google Analytics – Metric tools, checking and counting visitors flow and location
  14. Google Webmaster – Get indexed with Google
  15. Kontera – In text advertising
  16. Linkshare – Affiliate program
  17. Nichebot – Keyword research tools
  18. Sitemeter – Free website stats tools
  19. Squidoo – A reliable site to put content and earn money as well as promote blog
  20. Technorati – Blog search engine

Use above tools to simplify and monetize your blog.


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