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#1 Biggest Mistake that Maximum Sales People Do

What is the biggest mistake that maximum sales people do?

Yes, maximum sales people do a biggest and #1 mistake to close the sales. You are experienced to face many sales people in your life so far I believe and what you observed in their activities? Most of the sales people do this mistake and that is – Talking Too Much.

In maximum cases, sales people talk too much to the prospect. They try to push all the benefits and specifications of their products, about their company good will, about their experiences, about their stories and so on. And end of the conversation without closing the sale if you ask a question – What Do You Know About Your Prospect? The answer will be – nothing.

This is the biggest mistake that most of the sales people do and fail to close the sales.

Remember that a sales only be closed not through mouth, but through ear. Listening is the best practice to make a successful closing and make the sale. Sale cannot be placed by pushing, it comes by pulling. Ask question to your prospect and let him to speak – speak about their situation, their interest, about their family and business model, about their activity and kids. Try to understand their capability, ability and interest. By pulling information from his mouth, you can make people want to buy your products.

Typical sales people push to sell. If you want to be a master closer and make your prospect be agreed to purchase, you have to be a good puller, good observer, good learner and a good listener.

Put your comments below for the rest of the mistakes that kill the sales, we shall be very happy to gather all the information into a single article to help people.

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